Happy Day of Independence!

So thankful I was born in the land of the free and home of the brave.

We must never take for granted what so many others don’t have. We must love one another without any obstacles. God made us in his image and wants us to love and defend each other til eternity.

Start Today, Be the Difference. Make it your priority! Become more alert! Defend your Freedom as if a thief is robbing your home. ❤️ with all your heart. Help ithers open their heart and believe in themselves 💪🏼. Join within your community and help out. WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER

Everyday Gratitude…

Today’s post is inspired by a page in the Everyday Gratitude book I go to each morning as part of my daily reflection to kick the day off in thankfulness. I say the Lords prayer, include whatever is present in my mind as I awake and peek at the Jesus Calling and Everyday Gratitude’s message for today.

Here’s a few of mine that popped up immediately!

1.The birth of my first born. 2. The day Dr Kurstin offered me a job and invited me to Hawaii the first week I started and got paid too. 3. My childrens faces on Christmas morning scavenger hunts. 4. My mom’s face on her 70th Birthdays Surprize moment. 5. Receiving a card in the mail with warm wishes you get to keep and read over & over again forever. 6. Sending a needy family money to help out anonymously.

Tag your it… send me some of yours! BTW I’m especially grareful for you!!!