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The garden at Casa Mady

It’s been heating up here in Florida and its also been quite windy. Armida, the now adult men’s nanny for 20 yrs was visiting from El Salvador where she retired to and we both love plants, gardening and watching our labor of love flourish. I love ❤️ having her visit as we reminesce of yesteryearsContinue reading “The garden at Casa Mady”

Happy Earth Day! Although Earth day is Everyday!

Give our mother earth 🌏 love ❤️ and thanks. Do something different for her today! Give thanks for her bounty’s. HUG HER TREES AND SEE HER BEAUTY WHICH ELATES OUR SOULS… BE THANKFUL AND SAFEGUARD HER… BE CONCIOUS OF HER! THANK YOU GOD FOR YOUR CREATIONS AND HALLELUYAH AND PRAISE TO YOU. AMEN 🙏


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