Everyday Gratitude…

Today’s post is inspired by a page in the Everyday Gratitude book I go to each morning as part of my daily reflection to kick the day off in thankfulness. I say the Lords prayer, include whatever is present in my mind as I awake and peek at the Jesus Calling and Everyday Gratitude’s message for today.

Here’s a few of mine that popped up immediately!

1.The birth of my first born. 2. The day Dr Kurstin offered me a job and invited me to Hawaii the first week I started and got paid too. 3. My childrens faces on Christmas morning scavenger hunts. 4. My mom’s face on her 70th Birthdays Surprize moment. 5. Receiving a card in the mail with warm wishes you get to keep and read over & over again forever. 6. Sending a needy family money to help out anonymously.

Tag your it… send me some of yours! BTW I’m especially grareful for you!!!

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