Everyday Gratitude…

Today’s post is inspired by a page in the Everyday Gratitude book I go to each morning as part of my daily reflection to kick the day off in thankfulness. I say the Lords prayer, include whatever is present in my mind as I awake and peek at the Jesus Calling and Everyday Gratitude’s message for today.

Here’s a few of mine that popped up immediately!

1.The birth of my first born. 2. The day Dr Kurstin offered me a job and invited me to Hawaii the first week I started and got paid too. 3. My childrens faces on Christmas morning scavenger hunts. 4. My mom’s face on her 70th Birthdays Surprize moment. 5. Receiving a card in the mail with warm wishes you get to keep and read over & over again forever. 6. Sending a needy family money to help out anonymously.

Tag your it… send me some of yours! BTW I’m especially grareful for you!!!

Remembering Dad!

Today is the day Dad’s are recognized and celebrated in the USA. They come in all sizes, shapes colors, and styles and are in God’s word like mothers, pillars in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Children look to their fathers to lay down the rules and enforce them. They also look to their fathers to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional.

My dad was a very handsome one, born in Cojimar which is a district in Havana Cuba. He use to tell me it was the beach area of Havana and he was proud of it. I’ve also read it’s where Ernest Hemingway’s Inspiration came for writing, The Old Man and the Sea, in 1952.

The past few years of our lives have taken me through much analysis of many things. As a mother, employee and human being. I have chosen battles I could not conquer, said things I can not take back and made decisions I must confront and for all that I am grateful.

One of those decisions was how I wish to remember my dad. For you see I lost him in November of 2017 and it was a difficult moment for me.

I Loved him so much and yet hurt just as much. He provided all those things that Gods word describes as I was growing up and although he separated from our family my love for him never did. The inability to comprehend why was difficult and sometimes unbearable.

As I grew and found my beau had children and went through my own family devided I found answers to my questions. And today as I’ve made the best decision ever to live more like my creator and follow his daily guidance have learned to Love my dad as he was, forgive and forget that which I cannot control or ever should have tried to and allow myself to remember him with the Love he did give me and the one I always had for him no matter what.

Miss you Papi and Happy Fathers Day in heaven!