Libertad para Cuba! Freedom for Cuba! 🇨🇺

Libertad para Cuba! Freedom for Cuba! 🇨🇺

Word got out all over the world very quickly that Cubans are out in the streets of Cuba protesting their Government’s oppression, lack of freedom, food and worsening economy. Also the attacks on anyone including women that dare mention any if these. Enough is Enough say the people and for the first time in many decades the people are out in multitudes protesting.

At the famous Versailles Restaurant on Eighth Street

I was born in Miami and my hertitage is Cuban. My parents and family were forced to leave because it was not possible if you sayer. They left behind all their belongings including, property’s, automobiles, jewelry, personal possessions. You were immediately treated as a traitor but you know what, they could never take away their diginity and faith in God.

They all went to different states, worked hard, learned new languages and made new lives here in the USA and we are still appreciative and feel blessed after all these years. America opened its doors and welcomed us and we are grateful.

That is why I am a Patriot and defend truth and our freedom everyday and I thank God for his teachings and his promise above all else.

Today we stand with dignity and faith to offer support to our fellow Cubans! The Cuban community was out yesterday in multitudes here in Miami. TOGETHER WE STAND UNITED FOR FREEDOM IN CUBA AND ALL OVER OUR PLANET…