A Cinco de Mayo with the best of the besties 👯‍♂️

We didn’t get to celebrate last year but this year was a must! The simplicity of the details my friend Elena puts to everything she does are always felt in large proportions. She’s not into cooking but her love floral arrangements and event saavy are beautiful and unforgettable. You can look her up @emfloralevents on Instagram and see what I mean.

What a creative spread!
What about this sunset
The view at Elena’s lovely place!

So lucky I have friendships such as hers. Thankful and Blessed!

The garden at Casa Mady

It’s been heating up here in Florida and its also been quite windy. Armida, the now adult men’s nanny for 20 yrs was visiting from El Salvador where she retired to and we both love plants, gardening and watching our labor of love flourish.

I love ❤️ having her visit as we reminesce of yesteryears when the boys were lads and we were babes… Here’s a pic of back then and now… oh and our gardens! Yes she sent me pics just days after she returned!!! LOL Enjoy!

My beloved Armida and I Now
Armida with my first born Christpher in 1991
Armida her husband Tomas and my second born Luis 1995
Chris’ Graduation
Luis’ Graduation
Our last time together prior to Tomas’ passing!

She sends me photos of her blooms as I of mine all year round. And when she visits, usually twice a year I turn it over to her to keep her on her toes in between her cross stitching and food prepping.

These are hers now
Casa Mady’s current blooms!!!

Remembering is Reliving! Enjoy…