Blessing others Blesses you!

As I exited my car while visiting the Westchester TJMaxx last night this lovely music accompanied by a violin 🎻 was blasting thru the parking lot as if a celebration was going on. After my brief shopping I exited and again the music drew my attention. As I exited the mall I felt a tug in my heart ❤️ to circle back into the mall and take a closer look. I saw a young woman with a baby in hand and her husband I assume playing his heart out with this sign. My heart exploded with joy at the opportunity God gave me to express love and aide for someone in need honorably seeking help… I’d hire him for my next gathering for sure! Here’s their sign and number jic your heart ❤️ nudges you too! #payitforward #givingisliving #thankfulness #helpingothers #godisgreat #madelinilikes