I did it…

I started 2020 with an updated to-do list which I had no idea would become part of my survival kit after Covid-19 lock down began on March 23rd for me. My creative side activated got me into following a few bloggers and I even joined a mentoring class offered on one I like a lot named MissMustardseed.com. It was a great group of creative ladies but I just couldn’t focus on commencing anything with the pandemic upon us.

Stepping out of the shadows!

Six month’s have passed and I’ve miraculously gotten thru much more than I expected on my list and although I moved starting a blog to the bottom it was still lingering in my heart. I spent the first couple of September days observing the subtle changes that occur when summer is ending and the fall breeze is beginning to enter. I started to visualize what I desire for the new season to bring in and I asked myself, “what could I add to it to make it better”. I sat and read some journals from the past and went on a tour thru my years of social media posts and all of a sudden, stepping out of the shadows came into my mind, it was like a lightning bolt hit me. I felt this urgent energetic call within to just do it. The blog popped back into my thoughts with a big neon sign around it, a feeling of sudden elation and excitement entered my heart & before I knew it I was on WordPress signing up and looking into what steps to start with. I was in such a frenzy I was talking aloud and thanking the Universe for this courageous move within. And here I am today taking baby steps to progress and excited for the coming week where I’ve signed up for some courses I’ll be taking to get this new blogger some direction!

Welcome to Casa Mady!

My name is Mady short for Madeline and I’m so happy to be here on this platform sharing what makes my heart happy in so many ways. I hope you find something along my pages that enlightens and causes your heart to elate. Creating something new that has endless possibilities makes this moment very special for me.

I envision including posts about things I’ve done, seen, or just want to do in the future. I desire it to be a place where we can learn, share, explore and be as authentic as possible because that’s what I am. I would also like to share and support others that create, write and depend on their sites so more people are informed about them.

I’ve loved creating journals throughout the past so that today I could use them to trigger memories and reminisce. I’m mostly visual and love taking photos and sharing them so I’ve got plenty of vintage content I’ll include. My personal motto is to live life to it’s fullest, work tenaciously and give generously! And connecting with people, recommending my likes and brightening others brightens mine. Precisely why I decided to start this blog.

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