But first a little history…

I’ve loved creating journals throughout the past so that today I could use them to trigger memories and reminisce. I’m mostly visual and love taking photos and sharing them so I’ve got plenty of vintage content we’ll explore. My personal motto is to live life to it’s fullest, work tenaciously and give generously! And connecting with people, recommending my likes and brightening others brightens mine. Precisely why I decided to start this blog.

I was born in Miami, Florida to Cuban immigrant parents that were forced to flee their home and start a new life in the US, for which I am so very grateful as my parents were. I grew up in an era where Miami was growing and the Hispanic community was molding the city into quite a diverse melting pot. I was educated at a small family run school and am still connected to most of my classmates & superiors. I have a sister who’s my best-est friend and right arm whom I adore. My family is not huge but it’s eclectic, diverse and mine and I love them all. I’m blessed to have many friends and acquaintances I try to stay in touch with and hope to share stories about all of them with their permission of course.

I am mom to two wonderful sons Chris and Luis now young adults. Being a single momma has allotted me quite a bank of memories throughout the years. We were blessed to inherit their dad’s nanny who agreed to aide me when I became a new mom and I can’t wait to share our heart warming stories some adventures, some trials and all worth every minute of the growing pains that molded our 20 years together and made us a united family to this day.

My beautiful mother passed 4 years ago and I’ve been renovating and making her home my homestead so get ready for lots of home and garden content along with a lot of mom and me talk cause she sure is here in spirit.

I’m a young 58 year old and I’m not afraid to face my grays, wrinkles, aches and fears, so we’ll sure have some fun points on the graceful attitude I maintain about these current years cause it’s better to laugh at most things anyway.

I hope that we can become friends and experience moments that will elate our hearts and make our lives more purpose-filled.

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