Morning Reflection!

I truly love and look forward awaking before the sun with just enough time to catch those burst of lights that get diverted through the morning clouds to create their magical tones and paint the sky with a glow that inspires me. I’m blessed with a second floor and with views from both East and West giving me a birds eye view of the rising and setting of my Astral signs planet!

I must have hundreds of photos I’ve snapped throughout the 10 years I’ve now been living in this home that was formerly my mothers. I still feel her vibes through its walls and I’m compelled to continue her cozy cottage legacy as I renew and revive her into Casa Mady.

Each morning I hear the birds sing, watch them bathe on the pool steps and dry on the power lines ever so slightly hoping its mom and her crew watchimg over us. And it may sound crazy but both my sister and I have had birdie experiences that assure us she’s here!

We are at peace with the time she was here with us in the physical form and my heart enlarges each time I re-enact the yearly traditions she so loved but more than that I see her reflection in that morning sun when it hits the sunroom and warms my soul. Miss you mamita.

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