Bring some cheer to a small business near and far!

It’s the gift giving, thanking & appreciating you time of year, and why not consider those you know and follow more than exploring for some of your Christmas/Holiday gifts from them. We’ve been courageous to withstand the total disruption of our daily lives and some have prevailed to unsurpassed levels but others have not. Our small business’ have surely suffered the most and they need us now more than ever.

Just a few days ago I received a Secret Santa 🎅🏽 message amongst friends I had never participated in. Its an online version but it felt like a great way to spread cheer so I immediately said yes. Our office is still on return phase but some states/countries have more resteictions than others and we’ll be limiting our gatherings to protect our most vulnerable but regardless of all these trials and tribulations we still have love and hope in our hearts for this miraculous season we await with such joy each year. It doesn’t matter where you are, what your heritage is nor what you celebrate it just feels good to give. The best part of the fun is what to get and where to get it from.

The perfect gift is one that will give the recipient a warm feeling because they’ll know your thoughts were focused on their happiness.

Your asked to use Amazon to send your gift but we all agreed that buying something from a small business would be far more rewarding. So my post today will include a list of some of my dear friends and others I follow, fellow bloggers to shop & help them out this season as well. It can also be a gift card from a neighborhood restaurant as well. Feel free to share and add a few more if you’d like. I’m not selling anything on my blog but many do. Enjoy the moment, the process and as Mother Theresa said it’s not about how much you give but how much love we put into giving.

Small Business List…













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