Casa Mady 2020 Christmas Craft Progetto!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year no matter what’s going on in our lives or outside of it. The Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to dream, create and give. And of course keep a few for your own collection!

My mother instilled many good wholesome things into my sister and I. We we’re socially active girls in school, danced, learned to play the guitar, sang at school functions, were cheerleaders, played sports and learned to sew and dove into lots of arts & crafts often. I adore it! She always did it with grace and elegance and also added her contagious laugh which made it so much fun.

In my path crafting and creative projects have enriched my life and helped me overcome many of the hurdles we may encounter along our lives. This year I’ve selected themes that are dear and near to my heart and will be enjoyed by all but mostly those closest to me.

My eldest son definately has an old soul. He was extremely intuitive, talkative, disciplined, focused and creative as a child. He loved reading, writing, extra credit work, took excellent care of his toys and later on as he evolved got involved in music. He had a very encouraging and enthusiastic music teacher named Andrea Busher. Mrs Busher was a blessing to her students. She not only encoraged she supported her students as well. The combination of her influence and Chris’ enthusiasm was the perfect storm for a young boy to expand and so he did. His musical path started in elementary school with the chorus which held yearly musical plays he participated in and Mrs Busher saw there was more within him to explore. He showed interest in playing an instrument so we sought for a music conservatory near home and he started learning the piano there and viola in school. He was managing all his school work and music well.

One day his Piano teacher, Elizabeth Caballero, who was also a student from the young arts program at the University of Miami, a prestigious reward, she mentioned that Christopher would be an excellent candidate for the Miami Childrens Chorus, an organization that had been around for many years and she recommended we look into it. She was also an opera singer on her way to living her dreams at the time and shared that MCC kids were also chosen as extras for most Florida Grand Opera’s and that caught his attention. I heard only great comments of this chorus and it was validated by Mrs Busher.

We sought out the process, met its then amazing Music Director, Timothy Sharp, attended the audition and off he was. It was alot of work and dedication for both the student and the parents but the rewards were immeasurable, he was so happy and adapted quickly, well worth it for this single mom & my right hand their nanny who always prayed for the means to allow them to do what they wished for and received it. The word about the next Opera started he definately wanted it and was selected as an extra for his first of 5 Opera’s and boy what an experience. They also traveled Nationally and Internationally yearly and he was blessed to visit countries abroad and US states bringing choral music to all. I highly recommend the Miami Childrens Chorus to all children with musical interests for you will receive that and much more from this experience. The experience, discipline, education and above all the friendships they form there are lifetime ones. My son is now 29 and due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and video expansions of our lives an online Alumni Chorus was formed and he’s singing again! I want to once again thank Timothy Sharp for his continued presence in our lives, current Artistic Director and former student Liana Salinas and Analy Mendez for their amazing work with Mr Sharps retirement event and the last concert we were anle yo all be present at and this years chorus challenges, Andrea Busher for encouraging and attending many of Chris’ performances and Elizabeth Caballero for her vision into his soul. They actually performed together with the FGO and she’s now a successful Opera Singer traveling the world. You can contact MCC at they are a non-profit organization and can always use assistance if you support the Arts.

So now that you know the story behind this years Casa Mady Christmas Craft progetto here’s what I’ll be working on for the next few days.

Music sheets that I found during an office move!
Music sheet Christmas Trees

There’s always a reason for the season and I chose to make it about my memories. May you make memories relived by remembering them with Joy this Christmas Season. Happy crafting Mady

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