Just be…

In my search for truth I have found many spiritual, political and military podcasters along this long and winding road we are currently on.

Our country and the entire planet is in turmoil and I have no doubts a change is coming. How and when are in question as well as why. I’ve been a curious seeker of things for as far back as I can remember and many of the findings I’ve cone across lately seem familiar. Don’t ask me why but they just do.

I’ve untangled many doubts and acquired some wisdom and discernment that was in much need because God says in his word in the book of Matthew 7:7 (KJV) that if we ask, it shall be given, if we seek we shall find and if we knock it will be opened to us.

In asking I have found much information that has put me in doubt of many things I thought true. In seeking I have found much information that has bewildered my being and now I’m knocking his door for additional wisdom and discernment to keep my faith only on him and his answer is to Just Be…

So I pass this onto you who is here this present moment and lets all take a deep breath and just be!!!

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