Guess who’s back?

On my initial post I promised I’d share stories of years gone by raising my boys as a single parent but I could have not done it as well as we did without the help of a 4’5” giant angel named Armida. I met Armida during my first trip to El Salvador, which is where my boys father is native of, in December of 1986. I was engaged and set to be married in February of the following year and attending my future sister & brother in laws wedding. During our stay I was introduced to many of my fiance’s family and friends who were eager to meet the Cuban girl from Miami. We were toasted for my upcoming wedding and It was a happy time. I was in love & filled with the hope and about to enter the chapter of the dreams I had envisioned of having a family since I was a young girl. But amidst all the hoopla of the festivities and the new country I was visiting I had the opportunity to meet Armida, I had heard much about her when learning of my fiancé’s upbringing, for she had been his nanny since birth. This intrigued me, since I knew stories of nannies from our family & friends and how they become part of the family. She was small but humble and appealing to me. Just thinking of her dedication to another’s child drew a sense of warmness within me. She shared some stories, we exchanged about family and values and by the end of our visit I was promising to aide her with a young niece and nephew she was rearing. This was the first of many times I saw Armida before I became preganant almost 5 years later and she commited to aide me for the next 5 yrs in the States.

Through a series of events I’ll slowly share, Armida spent 19 years with us. She retired with her husband Israel about 10 yes ago but todays post is about welcoming her back for a well deserved visit. It’s been 7 grueling months in El Salvador with COVID-19 and limited aide but the Lord and many angels descended upon us and we are so blessed. We get to pamper and care for her now and do so accordingly! Welcome back to my wing lady!

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I did it…

I started 2020 with an updated to-do list which I had no idea would become part of my survival kit after Covid-19 lock down began on March 23rd for me. My creative side activated got me into following a few bloggers and I even joined a mentoring class offered on one I like a lot named It was a great group of creative ladies but I just couldn’t focus on commencing anything with the pandemic upon us.

Stepping out of the shadows!

Six month’s have passed and I’ve miraculously gotten thru much more than I expected on my list and although I moved starting a blog to the bottom it was still lingering in my heart. I spent the first couple of September days observing the subtle changes that occur when summer is ending and the fall breeze is beginning to enter. I started to visualize what I desire for the new season to bring in and I asked myself, “what could I add to it to make it better”. I sat and read some journals from the past and went on a tour thru my years of social media posts and all of a sudden, stepping out of the shadows came into my mind, it was like a lightning bolt hit me. I felt this urgent energetic call within to just do it. The blog popped back into my thoughts with a big neon sign around it, a feeling of sudden elation and excitement entered my heart & before I knew it I was on WordPress signing up and looking into what steps to start with. I was in such a frenzy I was talking aloud and thanking the Universe for this courageous move within. And here I am today taking baby steps to progress and excited for the coming week where I’ve signed up for some courses I’ll be taking to get this new blogger some direction!