Fall in full force!

Every year I look foward to the kickoff of the holiday season. I typically purchase post holiday items the prior year so I’m always eager to start unveiling to start transitioning Casa Mady for Fall 2020.

Considering all the time spent at home this year, I got enthralled into organizing all areas of my home especially the attic where I discovered new mom treasures to relish and add in with much glee.

Its been a sweet time reminescing my early years when she encouraged & supported our creative sides and then she’d applaud and brag when we displaying or performing our gigs. She loved it so much.

I had a plant hook with her signature bird motiff on it and hung one of the new acquisitions I just got and it looks awesome against the brick. I promise to share all about mom & the birds on a different post soon.

How do I plan? First I gather all the Fall decor and set it out to access what I have. I go through all the ideas I saved, look at previous yrs and start decide what will go where and before long I’m off into my decorating frenzy for days. You name it I use runners, pillows, flowers, greens, plaids, linens, textured ribbon, wreaths and my favorite vintage trinkets. Here’s a glimpse of some of the items.

Dried snd silk flowers, greens, cloth napkins, dried fruits and pumpins
Table Runners

I couldn’t wait to unroll the new rug I chose today to compliment my front porch. I thought it might be too big but its actually just the right. Did a little rearranging and ta daaa! What a ya think?

Plaid Outdoor Accent Rug
Here’s the Fall Porch. Enjoy !!!

I hope you enjoyed Fall at Casa Mady and I’d love to see yours too. Tell me what inspires you and share some tips if you’d like.

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Handmade Any day!

We all go thru those wonderful Preschool years and what’s one of the most wonderful things we learn to do during those years? Painting, drawing and creating all sorts of items as we are off on learning our 123’s and ABC’s. Its also where we begin the creativity aspect of our lives. We learn about colors, putting textures together to create those life long memories we gift to our parents all thru those wonder years. Later it turns into a priceless memory box filled with endless uhhs and ahhs when you get to relive the moments time and time again. Isn’t that such a great part of growing up and later on too? It is for me!

We also create memories in many other ways. I have enjoyed creating most of my life and enjoy viewing handmade items whenever I get a chance. I’ve attended countless Harvest festivals and arts and craft markets in my hometown and abroad and still enjoy them today. Now that I’ve started blogging its more intense. Just recently, one of the couples in our family has started a new business venture creating wooden signage. Their process is user friendly, your get a customized product and you’ve created a new lifelong piece unique to you. They were great! I urge you to visit their site and see what I mean. @simplygiftedcrafts This is what I call the modern day Universal Harvest festivals and markets where you can purchase handmade items from anywhere in the world. How Awesome is that!!!

So one of the neat things I got to do was help the artist create my slogan. I picked something near and dear to my heart and wanted an image that symbolized the person who use to say this to me. After a few back and forth emails and the frame and color selection I was set… And just as Fall began and I was adding my autumn decor, my doorbell rang and it was FedEx man with a delivery for Casa Mady… Thank you Ashley and Adam… you did a great job!!!

I love it!!!! It’s even better than I envisioned it and my mom is loving it I’m sure. She’s the one who always use to tell me, “Calladita te ves mas bonita”. It means When I’m quiet I look prettier… and although it’s a hard task for an outspoken, creative Cuban heritage girl like me, it’s sooooo true… and I work at it daily…

Don’t hesitate to create I promise you it’ll make somebody’s day special. Let me know what you like to create and what’s your latest find or realization that’s inspired you to create.

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Guess who’s back?

On my initial post I promised I’d share stories of years gone by raising my boys as a single parent but I could have not done it as well as we did without the help of a 4’5” giant angel named Armida. I met Armida during my first trip to El Salvador, which is where my boys father is native of, in December of 1986. I was engaged and set to be married in February of the following year and attending my future sister & brother in laws wedding. During our stay I was introduced to many of my fiance’s family and friends who were eager to meet the Cuban girl from Miami. We were toasted for my upcoming wedding and It was a happy time. I was in love & filled with the hope and about to enter the chapter of the dreams I had envisioned of having a family since I was a young girl. But amidst all the hoopla of the festivities and the new country I was visiting I had the opportunity to meet Armida, I had heard much about her when learning of my fiancé’s upbringing, for she had been his nanny since birth. This intrigued me, since I knew stories of nannies from our family & friends and how they become part of the family. She was small but humble and appealing to me. Just thinking of her dedication to another’s child drew a sense of warmness within me. She shared some stories, we exchanged about family and values and by the end of our visit I was promising to aide her with a young niece and nephew she was rearing. This was the first of many times I saw Armida before I became preganant almost 5 years later and she commited to aide me for the next 5 yrs in the States.

Through a series of events I’ll slowly share, Armida spent 19 years with us. She retired with her husband Israel about 10 yes ago but todays post is about welcoming her back for a well deserved visit. It’s been 7 grueling months in El Salvador with COVID-19 and limited aide but the Lord and many angels descended upon us and we are so blessed. We get to pamper and care for her now and do so accordingly! Welcome back to my wing lady!

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