Holiday Traditions at Casa Mady!!! Part 2

My love for Christmas and decorating spans as far back as I can remember in my childhood and one that stands out most were precut wooden ornaments my mother introduced us to. We enjoyed painting then stringing them and then watching them hang with pride each time we strolled ny the tree.

Each year is enhanced by the traditions of years past and new acquisitions or my home does not feel complete.

I enjoy experiencing the decor be it in a new light and place and with those who are looking to create their own with my collections. So in essence sharing mine brings new one’s to others. How joyful is that…

My Christmas traditions take me to others homes to trim their tree. A tradition started by my former boss’ wife Elena aka, “Mrs Dr” whom you’ve met in a previous post… They built a lovely estate and Mrs Dr needed desperate help on trimming a tree that was at least more than double my size and stood between two spiral staircases that not even a ladder could reach so it was a challenge at the very least. So the annual tree trimming party at the Kurstin’s began there and has evolved to cousins homes and this year my very first paying customer without even looking for it.

I use to make corporate gift baskets and it took so much of my free time from enjoying the trimming side of Christmas. I recall how I’d be caught rushing thru to put my stuff up and lost the joy it brought me so I suspended the baskets & returned to what now is the love & essence of my holiday season feeling… decorating and sharing the view!

I collect and pick up old & new items yearly. The post Christmas sales are the best so the followimg year I’m all set to start anew. Yard and Estate sales are gold mines for vintage items like this golden santa sleigh set I fell in love with at one this year. It belonged to someones elder mom that passed so I do hope she’s happy its moved onto another lover of all things seasonal.

Here are a sample of trees trimmed in 2020 and some from past years I managed to find in my photo archives and a bonus of a few from my New Years trip to The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Enjoy this first week of 2021 gathering your thoughts and enjoying all the beauty of the season and have a Happy New Year all year long…cause at the end of the day it’s all anout what you chose to make of it…

Casa Mady’s 2020 Tree
Casa Mady’s top floor 2020 tree
Love my Cardinals all over Casa Mady
First Ever porch tree at Casa Mady 2020
2020 Client Tree
2020 Kurstin Residence Tree…
2020 cousin tree
The tree on the lawn of The Biltmore Estate
The Welcome center tree at The Biltmore Estate
The Poinsettia Tree inside The Conservatory at The Biltmore Estate.

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Holiday Traditions at Casa Mady!!! Part 1

Its been a bustling December with all the unpacking of moving crates, technology set ups and construction punch lists at my day job and my yearly Christmas traditions but I’m happy to report we’ve culminated both in grand style. I now have a cubicle with a water view and yes as promised a decked out Christmas at Casa Mady and a few others as well. I guess the only thing that got bogged down was my posts here on the blog but I promise I have tons of photos and stories to share. It was also my youngest’s 25th birthday and even that was magical.

As a lass I remember the eagerness I felt as each years arrival of the Holiday season came rolling into immediately after Halloween. My parents owned an office supply store way before the big box ones were around and mom would commence her Christmas Card sales at the store for clients & walk ins and then visited many families homes in the eves til it was too late to order more. She eventually hired 2 sales people and the trio was very successful for a couple of decades. Mom, Tony and Pilar still reminesce in my memory bank of traditions of dats gone by. I tried my hand at it for a bit but by the time I got into it a lot less people were sending cards so in the best of Christmas spirit from the past I made a list, got all in order and mailed my cards out in time. Boy did it feel great too. I still recieve a few each year and love to experience this Christmas tradition since it brings a soft touch to the heart when you read them and I put it on display! I have a hand beaded Santa a former neighbor use to make when my kids were growing up and thats where mine go. Then years later I use them to decorate all around the house.

I did receive joyous compliments after several people received them so I think I’ll keep it ongoing for now!!!

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