Dreams do come true!!!

Almost 7 years ago I started a part time job after 7 years of seeking to bury my roots and grow where I would feel proud and worthy of working again. I met up with a couple of agents I was recommended to and it turned out better than ever expected.

Both agents, the gentleman had been in the life insurance industry for over 30 yrs and the woman as well. She also happened to be the mother of a boy my son was friends with during elementary school yrs prior. Needless to say my dream came true and I started my journey in a whole new industry with a company who had an honorable reputation. I met a staff member and a couple of other ladies early on that today I call family and couldn’t feel more blessed.

Having been with my former employer for 25 yrs I had lost hope with all the unstable and unethical business’ I had visited yet this new place instilled hope and inspiration within.

As the days passed I grew close to my co-workers and was drawn to the younger generation. I was no longer in management but equal. I would listen to their young year struggles about life and Love and it would spark up conversations that mattered to the heart. Hence the reason I started this personal blog last year.

One young lady in particular was beautiful, professional, hard working, smart, Christian and ambitious and still single. She was mingling and praying for The Right one yet no one even came close to that list of qualities she had set her bar on.

The years passed and the potential candidates came & went yet she stuck to her heartfelt desires. We went thru some winners and Mady therapy became a norm.

When in doubt there I was with a new story or piece of advice. It made me feel useful and gave her encouragement. Then she decided to consider moving into sales and started studying for the series 7 exam. An exam few pass on the first shot and many never do.

Monica tended to over analyze when first communicating with her acquaintances and many times as quickly as they appeared they disappeared. Yet one day a couple of years ago she started to describe Ben’s characteristics and traits and my intuition sparked a special interest. I was listening and observing about his detailed steps and he truly sounded like a winner to me.

He came into the office eventually and never empty handed with something for her and even brought croquettes from one of his clients Cuban bakeries for us. Mucho points for Ben from Mady and his quiet observant demeanor made me go hmmmmmm.

She tried the analysis trick a few times but between our saavy talking sessions and her study schedule she had little time & no choice but to stick to it.

Long story short she took the test, didn’t pass and lost her enthsiasm but he did pass the analysis period and they were off to what I already knew was her closest match.

Then COVID hit and it couldn’t have been more perfect. They now were inseparable and together everyday. Going thru the ups and downs and all arounds of a formal couple. Working on their lives, work, family and all the extended families opinions. They brought together friends and family, co-workers & others and the vibrations synchronized, their energy resonated with love and their hearts harmonized as one.

Earlier this year he took her to a park and included her into what she thought was a bakery commercial from that same place where we received those Cuban croquettes from and lo and behold he proposed.

The date was set and the plans were off and I’m so happy to present Mr and Mrs Ben Linero who got hitched this past weekend at what we girls all call our dream day coming true.

Congratulations to our sweet Monica and Ben!!! Worthy of a blog post on Casa Madys matters of the heart!

I do
My other co worker bestie Ileana

I wish my feet would have not given up on me cause it sure was a truly fun, heartfelt and beautiful wedding!

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