Mothers are the foundation of our families…

How beautiful that we celebrate our mother’s on one special day yearly in the USA. Each year we symbolically celebrate them although their purpose in our daily lives is so significant and instrumental to the core of our families. As a mother myself I can not find any other moments in my personal experience as on the day I became a mother to my two sons.

To be not only chosen as Gods daughter but as the chosen one to partake in such a miraculous task as baring, rearing and teaching two boys to take on humanity and then set them free into the Universe to see what they learned and be proud of them as I am to face the unknown with courage is a humbling experience to say the least.

Many times I thought I wasn’t doing such a great job and at others I knew I felt I had relayed the right message and they got it. I struggled in finding reasons to justify the failures and blamed the times, their personalities vs mine and other influences yet I knew deep down inside everything would be alright in due time.

They are now grown young adults. The eldest 30 the youngest 25 and yet I still see them as my babies with adult points of view and their own battles which I’ve learned to let them deal with. Not as easy as it sounds but trust me I learned it the hard way.

Overall I know I did the best I could and whether they believe it or not they can do it better now that they control themselves. I will continue to pray to God to guide them and keep them safe cause that’s all I can do now. Thanks for coming back to Casa Mady and many blessings to you!

Chris made me a mommy!
A devine day!

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