There’s always something to be thankful for!

You may not have thought of it recently or ever. You may do it daily and even many times a day. But there is always something to be thankful for. I don’t know about you but the more time passes and the earth revolves I’m more and more amuzed with all the beauty around me. From the majestic changing of the leaves on the trees with their burnt orange, green & yellow tones & the seasonal decor to the comfy food recipes & dreamy sunrise & sunsets I catch a glimpse of through my bedroom window. You name it there’s so much to be thankful and blessed for.

Miami Autumn Sunset at Casa Mady

Each new day brings us the ability to explore and add to our experience and do bank. How exciting is it that we get to create memories every day that turn into stories we then get to remember and write about just like I’m doing here.

I am grateful for the sun that rises and shines yet also the clouds and trickling rain that make the grass grow greener and the trees tower taller. I love my garden where not only I but others enjoy as well

I often walk around the perimeter of my Lima bean shaped pool which is surrounded by a myriad of potted plants and whimsical outdoor decor I’ve collected throughout my life. Just strolling along and looking at the new blooms makes me reminisce where I was when I acquired them and how I envisioned it could look amidst the rest of my trinkets and I sigh in bliss. It truly doesn’t take much to be thankful for.

Have you stopped to sit and recap lately?

Making time to just sit still and clear your mind of all thoughts, yes all of them, your chores, kids, cooking, cleaning, work etc and pray, meditate, dream or wish for minutes. Its so easy and yet so powerful. Torelax and contemplate the moment is one way of disconnecting but if you just add a few more steps you may just tap into a world of possibilities beyond your dreams.

You don’t have to be an expert and there’s only one way to know. So lets tey it.

Simply close your eyes clear your thoughts & begin to inhale/exhale slowly. Now you easily look into the darkness flow into relaxing your limbs one at a time from top to bottom and start to envision yourself where you wish to be & dream away. It truly makes a difference when done often and you will manifest what you want.

I will share one recent experience and testify my faith. Early on when COVID lockdowns were worldwide, I learned of the dire need of my boys nanny from El Salvador, Armida. I wrote about her on a past post here on the blog. I knew everyone was in need of help but I also knew their need was greater than mine so I felt torn with asking for aide for I could not do it alone. Regardless of these thoughts I yearned to help however I could. I was participating in a 21 day group meditation for abundance and we’d receive a daily reading, affirmations along with a 15 minute guided meditation.

My kids nanny of 20 yrs and her family live in El Salvador. The COVID conditions in an already poor country in pre-virus times was in diar need of help. They were on complete lockdown, no public transportation, no business’ allowed open and very scarce Government aide. I already help her regularly for all her years of love, support and A+ care for my sons. Her big heart and joy of giving are prominent byfar. But each time I spoke with her I felt the anguish of the situation even with her faith filled soul. So as I prayed this day and did my affirmations and meditation our topic from a few days earlier flashed within me that it was on point. All these days of focusing on abundance and seeing tiny changes encouraged me to reach out to a handful of friends and family to ask for help for them in faith. I put a number in my head, visualized it and thanked the Universe for its grace. By the end of the day I was so humbled to share I had collected $1200 for her and those around her in even more need. In the following days even more was pledged and all I can reiterate is that I BELIEVE and I am soooo elated to share this with all of you. Namaste 🙏 everybody!

Cherish every little thing today for we not know if tomorrow will come nor if what we had today will be there tomorrow. Have faith in what you envision to be happiness and be kind and helpful to others. For there is always something to be thankful for.

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